School Work Management
Never miss an assignment!
Being a student, I felt that there is a need for mobile application through which I can see and keep record of all my school work, whether it is related to a course assignment or any event around the campus. So, I decided to work on the UX of this application.
User research about this application was not a difficult task for me as I was already at the same place as of the target user for this application. I also took help from my mates to dig deeper into the study about what features should be included in the application.
After interviewing some of my fellows and students from campus I find that:
- Some of them miss their assignments because they did not log in to D2L for a few days
- Notification are visible only if they are logged in to D2L
- Students sometime do not get a chance to visit the campus website and miss the news about events happening around
Main Features
- Assignment Notification
- Campus Event/News
- Personal Profile Access
- Course Progress​​​​​​​
Tools used
My role
UX Researcher And Designer
- I did this project by myself to get a sense of satisfaction and improvement in the UX field.
User flow​​​​​​​
Based on the research, I created a user flow showing all the required features of the application
While designing the Wireframes, I referred to the problems mentioned by my mates, so that application really solves the problem of the target users.
I focused my design on the following screens:
- News/Events page: Home page with all the upcoming events and news about the campus
- Assignments: All the assignments under on tab
- Courses Page: Access to course material and content
- Profile Page: Access to personal details and calendar through profile page
Thank You!
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