A new way of exploring new places.
Odyssey is a mobile application which assists users record their favorite moments on a graphical timeline. This app is in the business of storing all your beautiful memories. It is like taking photographs, but better. With this application you can check in at various places and it will store and represent the check-ins forever for you as a beautiful timeline on the screen which you can share with your friends and family.

The idea behind the app was to keep a record of places that users visit, in order to give them a pleasurable experience when they look back at their timeline in the future.
Main Features
- Create a beautiful timeline of places visited
- Check-in facility
- Capture the moments for the future
My role
In a team of five members I worked as the lead and UI/UX designer
- Created user personas based on the research done
- Designed project logo
- Created user flow, wireframes and high fidelity mock-ups
Tools used
User flow​​​​​​​
In order to give the insight of the application to the developers I created the first version of user flow, which further modified according to the user needs.
After creating the final user flow, I moved on to the wireframing part of this project and created annotated wireframes for each mobile screen.
Logo Thumbnails, Color Palette, Project Logo
Thank You!
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